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MinION is a pocket-sized portable device used for real-time biological analysis. It is adaptable to the analysis of DNA, RNA, or proteins. MinION's simple workflow allows end-to-end experiments in many environments.

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PromethION combines MinION's simplicity of use with greater workflow flexibility through scale and a modular design. Increase throughput by analysing the same sample simultaneously in multiple flow cells, or run different samples concurrently.

The GridION system, currently in development, is a scalable real-time analysis system designed to analyse single molecules such as DNA, RNA and proteins.

Metrichor provides a cloud-based platform for real time analysis of data from nanopore devices. Applications available through Metrichor will expand with the ultimate goal of enabling the analysis of any living thing, by any user, in any environment.

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The Role…. We are looking for an experienced and highly motivated Sales professional, to join Oxford Nanopore as Key Account Manager - Japan The Key Account Manager will form a global team of experienced sales / business development profes...
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The Role…. We are seeking a creative and highly motivated full stack developer to contribute to our Ruby on Rails applications and other customer facing software. Ensuring all development is well architecture, secure, robust, scalable and documented...
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We are looking for a highly motivated individual to join the Metrichor Team as a DevOps Engineer.  This exciting and challenging role is responsible for maintenance and security of services and infrastructure of the cloud-based real-time biological solutions platform. ...
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