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MinION is a pocket-sized portable device used for real-time biological analysis. It is adaptable to the analysis of DNA, RNA, or proteins. MinION's simple workflow allows end-to-end experiments in many environments.

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PromethION combines MinION's simplicity of use with greater workflow flexibility through scale and a modular design. Increase throughput by analysing the same sample simultaneously in multiple flow cells, or run different samples concurrently.

The GridION system, currently in development, is a scalable real-time analysis system designed to analyse single molecules such as DNA, RNA and proteins.

Metrichor provides a cloud-based platform for real time analysis of data from nanopore devices. Applications available through Metrichor will expand with the ultimate goal of enabling the analysis of any living thing, by any user, in any environment.

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Vacancy for Machine Learning Researcher

Geographical Location: Oxford
Salary: Competitive
Employment Type: Full Time

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Job Description

The Role….

The Algorithms Research group at Oxford Nanopore work with cutting-edge machine learning techniques and algorithms to extract the maximum information from our proprietary single-molecule sensing platforms.  Our current focus is on the sequencing of biological molecules used for the transmission of information, like DNA, RNA and their modifications, and the complexity of this signal has many parallels with speech recognition and automatic language translation.

We are looking for a highly motivated and numerate individual with strong programming skills to join the Research Division to support our algorithms research.  This exciting and challenging role will report to the Principal Scientist leading the group and will be responsible for implementing and developing advanced algorithms for the analysis of biological signals, improving the data analysis for our evolving technologies and opening up new applications.

The Details….

The team in our Research Division is responsible for researching and developing novel approaches to processing signals from our platform and will be expected to work both independently and as part of the team to achieve its aims. They work across many different applications of our platform, looking at raw, derived and application-specific data to improve our understanding of the platform and open up new uses.

The successful candidate will have worked at cutting edge of their field and demonstrated an ability to research, adapt and improve upon state-of-the-art techniques for processing signals from biophysical data or similar noisy structured systems.  They will have spent several years at all levels of the algorithm development chain, from conception to production implementation, and demonstrable experience rapidly prototyping approaches both using available software packages and directly implementing the mathematics from research papers.

What We Are Looking For….

The candidate will hold a Ph.D. in a field involving a high level of numeracy, e.g. computer science, engineering, mathematics, physics, or have substantial equivalent experience, and will have experience analysing data from real (noisy) systems.  Previous experience working in a time-critical environment with responsibility for reporting progress is desirable.

They will have a broad and deep knowledge of statistical models and machine learning, with knowledge of recurrent neural networks and sequence-to-sequence models being a particular advantage.  Demonstrable experience with machine learning frameworks, such as Caffe, Tensorflow, Theano, or Torch, would be an advantage.

The role requires strong programming skills (Python, R, C / C++, etc), both for rapidly prototyping new approaches and producing robust implementations to pass on to the company’s development team.  We expect the candidate to have previously produced a significant body of code that has substantial numerical component and to be comfortable moving between languages.

We are looking for an innovative and pragmatic candidate who is keen to learn new skills, be willing to listen and adapt with the changing requirements of the department.  They will have good communication and interpersonal skills for explaining complex ideas within the team and to other interested groups.

Please note that no terminology in this advert is intended to discriminate on the grounds of a person's gender, marital status, race, religion, colour, age, disability or sexual orientation.

Every candidate will be assessed only in accordance with their merits, qualifications and abilities to perform the duties of the job.

Required Skills

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